About Us

Berlinsyani Express Logistics (BEL)

Berlinsyani Express Logistics (BEL) was established on August 20, 2013 as freight forwarding company and initially focus to handle domestics shipments with door to door term services from/to Jakarta to/ from various city/places in Indonesia.


BEL has some present cooperation with our customers to handle their shipments and some incoming project being discussed. BEL has committed to be an extensive range to handle any shipments by air freight, sea freight and land transportation/trucking (truck, standard trailers, lowbed trailers, etc.).


Along with our growth, we are actively working to secure our market position and is always well prepared and ready to adapt fast and flexible with any updated trend happening in the freight forwarding industry through our ability to grow along with our customers. We continuously strive to maintain and keep looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of our services and improve our self to face the fast growing market situation. Therefore, we are continue to complete our wide range of services including: air freight door to door services, sea freight door to door service, land transportation/trucking door to door services, cargo handling, handling custom clearance, taking care of insurance and packaging service.


We continue to have gained the trust from our present customers coming from different sector such as manufacturing & suppliers, construction, garment, printing, trading sectors, home industry, oil &gas or mining sectors to deliver their product, material, goods, equipment and cargo from their warehouse to their customers warehouse destination point in a good condition.



BEL has a strong desire to be your preferred freight forwarder solution in Indonesia to overcome your rush.



BEL has a mission to provide high class-premium services in delivering cargos with door to door services for air freight, sea freight and land transportation / trucking shipment for each our customer by handling all shipment professionally.



BEL has a pride ourselves in our customer care ability to be a company which providing the total logistics solution for our customers by improving our skill and ability and also by applying our value to increase customer satisfaction at all time. It will be our main concern in order to gain trust from customer to meet customer’s demands and needs.


Finally by providing an effective and efficient way along with an excellent procedure to deliver cargos or goods from pick up point to delivering point in a good order we believe that we will achieve our goal to gain the trust from our customers.

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